May 9, 2011


Have you ever had a BFF? A friend you can share your biggest secrets with, a friend that will always be on your side, help you in troubles?... Everyone has one, at least 80% of the girls. But whats with the other 20% of the girls, just sitting there all alone...?  Every one needs a BFF!


I have two BFFs, i always trust them! One of them is Bloom_James, she works at this magazine too! I trust her & i always will, you all have a friend like her, i'm sure! My other BFF, she doesn't work hire! She can't keep a secret & i kinda understand her! But, she never defended me in front of my enemies! And just today we started a fight, now she's mad at me, and i'm mad at her!

In situations like this, we should just let time fix everything! Go and be happy, you have time to spend with your pets, other friends or family. Call home your other friends and watch a good movie as long as that doesn't make your ex-BFF think you forgot about her or hurt her!
If you relay wanna be her BFF again, find a reason to call her shopping! If you call other friends, call her too! Send her a mail and wait for her answer!


After a fight with a Best friend a good cookie or other sweets could help! But, even better, just go on a walk in a park or someplace natural! Green helps a lot!

                                                                                        xoxo, Laura


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