May 12, 2011

Awesome Make-up tutorial

So, I was on youtube and I just remembered to write for this blog! So while I was on youtube, I saw an amazing stardoll make-up tutorial by the VERY popular 'lel1996' I love the first one cause it's also got Miley Cyrus song ;D I love Miley (:

Here it is;

And another make-up tutroial by her, here it is;
So what do you think? I actually think they are awesome!

P.S. If your in year 6, good Luck In your sat's!

1 comment:

Lel1996 said...

That first one isn't by me - the person just used me as the model.
The second one is extremely old - I have far better tutorials than that :L.
But Thank you for featuring me :)

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