March 16, 2011

Congrats to SweetCandyFloss for being todays Make-up Magician! (: It was extremely hard to find amazing canidates! There is one person that i thought was worthy of winng, but I forgot to get her name!! So unfortunatly she isn't going to be properly rewarded for her hard work. Therefore, I officially have decided that there will be TWO Make-up Magicians today!(: Both SweetCandyFloss and Miss Jane Doe, both are amazing! Great Job! I am looking forward to seeing what you produce next!

Below is where I will post Miss Jane Doe:

Great Job! I am very impressed with the drastic lashes! I think that is a great touch for simple make-up! Congrats Miss Jane Doe!
Well, thats all of the News for Today! This is MissLindsayRae...♥ Bringing you today's Make-up Magician where.... it's all good!
Love you all!

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