January 14, 2011

Back on the Blog & News

 Cancel!No Break!
And Stardoll News!

Hi everyone! I want to forget about taking a break of the blog, and stardoll! I'm back for blogging, so lets get to the news :) 
We need writers! I know it will get the blog some more attention, and i need some help running the blog, i only have 1 writer so far, and only 14 followers, so get the word out...Please (: and help the blog get better! 

Pick of the day! January 14th, 2011
click the picture to get it(:

Zoe Saldana Best Dressed @ Premiere?

The premiere for weird new movie "Burning Palms" was in Hollywood last night and stars like Zoe Saldana and Shannen Doherty were there on the red carpet, all dressed up and looking excited. We love Zoe Saldana's style, so we think she had the most interesting outfit, don't you? From Stardoll.com










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