December 19, 2011

'Wintery' make-up tutorial

Hey everyone!
I'm Indigo26 and today i'm going to be showing you how to make a fabulous'Wintery' look.
                                                                        STEP 1
First choose a hairstyle that's clear of your face as its easier to work with.
Start off by putting on your basic black volumiser mascara and black eye-liner.
TIP: when using the eye-line don't make points! 

Using the turquoise eye-shadow from Luxe start apply the make-up above each corner of the eye
TIP: don't let the eye-shadow go right up to your eyebrows 

Using the Blue Eye pencil from dot (shown in the picture) apply it from the point where the turquoise make-up ended to the inner-point.
Next, using the light blue eye shadow (also shown in the picture) apply it under the eye to make a 
light glow.

STEP 4  
Apply a shade of lipstick that best suits your doll. As you can see this doll has a darker complexion so I chose a orange. ( shown in the picture)


Choose a hairstyle, add suitable earrings an jewellery and your done!

If you don't have the exact make-up used its ok you can always compromise by using similar colours etc.

I hope you like the tutorial :)

xx Indigo26

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