November 28, 2012

Bare minerals- bye bye liquid foundation!

Hey guys! Ugh I'm so relieved, I only have two exams left this week! Yay:) Anyways, how many of you out there wear makeup? I'm one of those teenagers who simply just can't go out with some coverage on my face, but recently I stopped wearing liquid foundation on my face because just doesn't cover up my dark circles under my eyes! It stinks! 

Something natural, that works wonders to cover up any flaws is Bare Minerals. The powder is flawless and easy to apply! Plus it stays on all day!

The original SPF 15 Foundation has won...


2012 Glammy Beauty Award
Best Department/Specialty Store Foundation
Glamour, 2005 – 2012

2012 Reader’s Choice Award
Best Foundation
Allure, 2006 – 2012

2012 Best Beauty Buys
Best Mineral Foundation
InStyle, 2009 - 2012

2011 QVC Customer Choice Beauty Awards
Best Foundation, Best SPF Treatment
QVC, 2011

2010 Best Beauty Awards
Best Foundation
Seventeen, 2010

Readers’ Pick Beauty Award
Best Foundation
Women's Health, 2010

2010 Beauty Awards
Best Foundation
QVC, 2010

2009 Cosmo Beauty Award
Best Foundation
Cosmopolitan, 2009

2009 Best of Sephora
Best Foundation
Sephora, 2006 – 2009

2009 Customer Beauty Awards
Best Flawless Finish Product
QVC, 2009

2008 Best of Sugar Awards
Best Foundation, 2007 - 2008

2009 Editor’s Choice Award
Best Mineral Foundation
Allure, 2009

2008 Word of Mom Award
Best Foundation
Cookie, 2008

2008 Reader’s Choice Award
Best Foundation
Teen Vogue, 2008

2008 Reader’s Choice Award
World’s Best Foundation
Elle Magazine, 2008

2007 Elle Green Star Award
Elle Magazine, 2007

2007 The Top 75 Natural and Organic Beauty Products
Town & Country, 2007


“ I feel safe using bareMinerals for my sensitive skin ” 

–Lisa P. 

“ I recommend it to everyone! ” 

–Kristine C. 


Anonymous said...

I have that :)


LaLaLina said...

I like it, but I don't wear makeup. The less makeup the better. :)

Martyna ZoƩ Talulah said...

I only wear blush and mascara, to keep my eyes looking awake and to cover up dry skin. I don't wear much, also apparently if you wear loads of makeup, you get wrinkles? Idk. But awesome post, Lina.(:


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