August 26, 2012

Outfit of the Day!

Hello dolls! I would like to remind all writers & staff that the banners will be here by the end of this week! Anyways, today I am wearing:

Olsenboye Plaid Halter Dress ~ 12 scs (originally 12 sds- Unavailable)
Soft White Top ~ 9 sds (from Pretty n' Love)
Blows White Robe ~ 14 sds (Riviera)
Black Leather Bow Belt ~ 4 scs (originally 4 sds- Bonjor Bizou)
Lace Up Heels ~ 5 scs (originally 5 sds- )Bonjor Bizou)

In Total:
Original- 42 stardollars
Now- 35 stardollars & 9 starcoins

Wow, these items really lost their value after a while! 

Comment & Follow ;)

-kkrrbb78 xoxo


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