August 27, 2012

Birthday Craft

Hey, Martyna here.(: So I have realized, that so many people on Stardoll are going to have birthdays in a few days. That reminded about this crafting book I bought. It has different kinds of paper inside there to use for crafting. Now, most of you should know that I absoulutley LOVE art and crafting, So I'm a real crafty person.
I have tried to get a picture up, but it won't work. So I went on youtube and looked for great birthday craft videos. This should help if a birthday is coming up.(:

I found that video really cool and helpful. So hopefully, if a birthday or any special occassion is coming up, it will  help.(: It's so cute, how it's edible!

I know this wasn't about Stardoll. There are no freebies, sorry. And I have so many different emotions on me, I am going back to London tomorrow, I have had an amazing time here in Poland. I will cry, I know. I am such a soft but strong person. Stardoll is an amazing escape for me, to meet goof friends. Thank you so much to all my friends, especially Kayci. Kayci, your an amazing friend, I literally LOVE you! You are so kind!(: Well, I need to go and pack upstairs. I'll post again the day after tomorrow, because tomorrow I will be arriving in London. I also need to get prepared for a lot of crying and not seeing my grandparents until next summer. I love you Kayci! You always cheer me up with your happiness, when I see you act all happy, I always want to be happy!(:

Xoxo, Martyna.(:


kkrrbb78/Kayci♥ said...

haha thank you Martyna(: good luck with your trip, safe travels! enjoy poland for the last day!

Martyna/Starbuster15✿◕ ‿ ◕✿ said...

Thank you Kayci! See what I mean? Your so kind. Lol, I better shut up now, Because when I start complimenting someone I really like, I can't stop :D And your welcome!(:

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