June 23, 2011


Whoo, hey guys! It's been awhile! Am soo sorry I haven't posted in forever!!! You see last week my G. Grandmother died and I was busy all week watching my little sisters, helping my parents get ready for the funeral, or actualy going to the funeral and viewing. It was reallly nice to see all of my relatives again and some good friends that live far away. But anyway because of that I had to push of finishing my school and making my portfolio! Am home-schooled so at that end of the year I have too take a whole bunch of papers I have done this year and put them into and book then show it to a teacher at the local school so I can show that my parents are actualy teaching me school ^.^ so this week I've been finishing that up and belive it's a lot of work!!! And guys I know am the co-owner and I should be wringing like once a day but I have like no time for stardoll right now! I mean if you look at my page I was on like two minuets ago but I was on for like 10 seconds and It takes like 5 minuets to lay out and right my post. Am soo sorry that I have been soo busy! But at the beginning of the school year I promised my mom I'd put God 1st and my study's 2nd and am sticking too it :D now am in bed ;) hehe I locked myself in are bathroom and am leaning against the sink writing this too you on my phone! Shhhh! Am sleeping;) jk am only getting ready for bed.. But am not allowed to be doing this right now.. But I felt so bad for not posting in forever I wanted to say sorry:( I will try to start posting regulary again ASAP! I love you guys soooo much!! And I miss being on stardoll for hours at a time:D

Post again soon! I will;) heehe yoda style:p

Your most fabulous co-owner


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