June 20, 2011

HTML Heavon!

Yeah, so i'm ill, not at school..YAY! But the thing is I keep sneezing & my nose is blaocked REALLY badly :/ So me and Kayci present "HTML Heavon" And we haven't really put some things in it for like ages. So here is something else I found but gave credit to:

Burt Killed

Courtney ;O

' I like American Guys

Those words he whispered in my ear 'Your mine' <3
Rough stuff babeey.

 Live Fast - Die Young

So, the name is obvisouly not 'Burt' but thats my new name. Okay? (Courtney is the real)

I'm Fourteen, Fifteen on the twenty-fith of December. My two favourite colours are indeed Blue & Purple

Nicki Minaj,Justin Bieber,Hollywood Undead,Basshunter & BrokeNCYDE is what i usally listen to along with new music
(made in 2o11).

I'm a really outgoing person. I don't think my Pretty. No where near 'Perfect'

Things you Probably didn't know about me;
I always have really really soft hands ;/
I'm Vegetarian. ;3
I LOVE AMERICA & AND American boys XD
My eyes change color ( light - darker )
^ Depending on my mood.
I love Skittles ;D
I'm a Party person,
I like sitting in the middle of roads.
I like yelling out ' I just had Se>< when i'm with my friends randomly.

' One fact, I like doing body shots when i'm 'Drunk' ;x

Live Fast, Party hard, Make money, Be a star.

Things i want to learn;
I want to learn how to Jer & Dougie

Bestfriends off Stardoll;
Angela,Chelsea,Jesse & Angela'J

On Stardoll;
Jennifer & Troy

Stardoll Husband;
Clay <3

So, I just gave you so much random facts that you probably don't even know about me? or perhaps your a Stalker & You already know everything about me?

OwlPal© Don't bother copying. 
Nice huh? Comment on what you think [:

Kaylee [Yeah i changed my name xD]

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