July 21, 2011

Lady Gagas relationship with on-off boyfriend is a Bad Romance, claims ex-lover

The ex-lover of Lady Gaga's on-off boyfriend Lüc Carl says the singer could be set for further heartbreak. In an exclusive interview with Star magazine, Alex Stebbins claims the New York barman dumped her, so that he could rekindle his six-year romance with the pop megastar. According to Stebbins, the pair originally broke up because of Carl's lack of commitment. "After being together for so long, she [Gaga] was saying, 'I love you' — but he never did. That was her biggest problem. She loved him and wanted it reciprocated, but he wasn't ready," claims the 25-year-old musician. The Bad Romance singer, who is rumoured to have recently reunited with her 30-year-old ex, has made no secret of her feelings for him in the past and wrote her hit track, Yoü And I, about their tumultuous relationship. But according to Stebbins, Carl found it difficult to show his emotions. "The more she wanted him to say it, the less he wanted to. It got to the stage where their relationship was pretty dysfunctional and explosive. Their relationship is toxic," she tells the US magazine.

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