November 29, 2011

Making cool wigs tutorial

Hello everyone.
Today im showing you how to make a cool Wig with Stardesign jewelry.

This is what we will make..

If show you how to make some awesome wigs, all you have to do is follow my steps!

Step 1:  Click Design&Sell and than Stardesign Jewelry
(You should be on the picture below)

Step 2: Click on go to the Design studio (circled in red)

Step 3: Select the black earing (circled in red)

Step 4: Click all the things that I have surrounded with a red color ( You can actually choose any color you like, but for this turial im using the color black)

Step 5: Enlarge the picture below to see instructions.

We are using the 2 fragments that I have selected in red in the picture below(are actually the only 2 that everyone is using for there wigs)

For the following steps just enlarge all pictures :)


Last thing you have to do now is click done… and then buy it :D
It will be in a bag in your beauty parlor :D

I hope this will help you all :D
Kissis Amanda.

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