October 4, 2011

Pandora Bracelets


This is the 'assigned' post on Pandora Bracelets all the writers need to do, so here I go...

Pandora Bracelets

Okay, if you don't already know, pandora bracelets are, well - bracelets! But a special kind of bracelet, a charm one. They are real silver/ gold bracelts with real silver/gold/diamond/gem charms!

Here is a picture of one:

Here are some charms:

Would you buy it/ Do you have it?

I do have my own and I love it loads! I would definetely recommend anyone to buy it if you haven't already! I wear it nearly every time I go out as it goes with anything!

Do you like the idea?

I really LOVE the idea of Pandora bracelets as they are not cheap, plastic things that snap easily but they are not too over-priced like most things! I think charms are a very cute and girly idea but can be suited for anyone.
If you have/had one what does it look like?

Here are a couple of pictures of my bracelet:

So, do you like them?


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