July 1, 2011


What do we usually wear in summer? Colorful dresses or skirts with cute T-Shirts! You can wear brands or design something your self! But wha we can’t not wear are accessories!

Design & Add 

You can use an old shirt that you aren't wearing anymore and cut it! Make it something else! Like a flower for your hair! You can also find something old and add something so you can wear it again! Like the bag on the picture! :)


Buy Something 

If you aren't in the mood for adding or designing, you can just buy something! Some stores have only accessories! Most of them have accessories for different styles! 


Need some help about what to wear? Let me help you! It's important! It has to go with your skin tone, eyes, hair color... Oh, and, not everyone is for everything! 
e.x. Not everyone can wear gold! But some people just are born for gold! :)

Love ya,
Laura :)

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