June 30, 2011

Wild up!!!

It's summer!!! Ok, somewhere winter!!! It's time to have fun! It's time to brake free! I have decided to give you 10 ways to have the perfect time! 


1. Snow fight!!! Call your friends or make a cute postcard and invite them to a snow fight! Boys vs. girls, maybe!  The winner gets to throw as much as snow balls as he wants to the looser! :D


2. Sleep over!!! Invite a few friends on a sleep over! It'll be the girl's night! Makeovers, catwalks, cooking And... Pillow fight!!!!!!! 


3. Movie night!!! Choose a great movie & call friends to watch it together! Oh, don't forget the popcorn! :D


4. Adopt a pet!!! Isn't winter the best time to save someone's life? :)


5. Winter sports!!! Oh come on! It's time to make your move! You get it! ;D



6. Love sweet love... Time find him/her...


7. Time for me... Find time to take care of your self! 


8.  Summer sorts... Mhm... Look! 


9. Go to the beach! 


10. Shooooooping around the world! :D Also visit the best malls and explore the world.




Have a nice summer/winter holiday,
Wishes you, Laura

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