June 30, 2011

Hair Care

 I got an inspiration from Ana! And summer is a time when the sun is really strong, it can have a bad effect on your skin & hair... I'm gonna talk only about the hair...


Ok, so you know that the sun can burn your hair, so you have to protect it! How? It's really easy!
is washing your hair every day good? Well, after the going to the beach you have to. One thing about your hair's beauty that is a fact is: What brand of shampoos are you using? You can't expect a pretty and healthy hair if you are using something that costs 2 $...  What is better? L'Oreal or this awful shampoo?


Nature's power

Don't wanna spend much money on hair cosmetics? Then don't!
Some shampoos are made out of flowers and stuff! They aren't so expensive, but the aren't cheap! Their prices are normal! You have to know that you can't find them everywhere! There are different stores that have nothing but cosmetics made out of nature! Look!!!



I don't know why, but some people just say that if you wash your hair longer, it will be prettier! No, it's just gonna destroy it! You have to brush your hair every day! That is really important, especially whan you have a curly hair! Also, not cutting your hair isn't the way to make it longer! Ok, it's bad! You have to cut your hair at least once in 6 months!



If this helped, tell me! Comment and say what you think! Oh, BTW, this is important to do in winter to! And remember! Beautiful hair is something that is done just with hard & long work! Is you already have a beautiful hair continue taking care of her! It isn't easy, but it's realyyyyy good!


Hope this helped,
Laura :)


Ana said...

awesome post!!!!!!!!!

Laura_JamesSD said...

Thanks darling! :*

Anonymous said...

Great post,
but it's actually better NOT to brush curly hair.
I have curly hair and it's really not good to brush it!

devinefox said...

Often shampoo and condition of the hair, at least once a week. It would be good twice, depending on the hairstyle and texture.

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Laura_JamesSD said...

Mia, tnx, but, my hair is curly too, and if don't brush it every 1-2 days it will become a mess. It's not too curly, but not brushing my hair for 4 days and it will become a big ball made of hair! So i don't agree with ya! :)

Laura_JamesSD said...

devinefox, you are so right, but it doesn't depend only on that! I go to play volleyball twice a week and i need to wash it after! And one more time on Sunday! Sometimes even more often... I know that isn't so good... :(

Keely Howell said...

I will def. try this! btw how do you help your hair to not be stringy?

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