May 13, 2011

Presentation of the week!

So Kayci let me do whatever of the week/month so for this week, the presentation of the week is BloOondinaaa's presentation! It's actually amazing! DO NOT COPY IT UNLESS YOU ASK IF YOU CAN PUT CREDIT'S IN!

Here it is;

♥Please view it only with Mozilla Firefox or it looks really weird! :S


 About me; 
So yeah, my name is martyna. i'm just a simply girl living out my dreams. i'm from Poland. My fav colour is purple. I love Justin Bieber, have you got any problems? GREAT! then stop reading this. I love my friends, shopping, summer, and leopard prints. I adore Canada and Greece♥

Friends;I'm really so thankful for all my friends; lapi, tschawi, aady, olga, wika, chicka alexika :P and more.. but i'm really thankful for a girl named DIDEM. Dear Didi, you're my umbrella on a rainy daya shining star on a cloudy nightand in the end of my tunel didi is my light.
Ugh is so annyoning when i see MY presentation on other profile and at end is writing ' 100% by me ' huuuh? kid, its made BY ME not you. grow up and stop copy! I do it with HTML codes. do you want a presentation? it simple just ask me and i'll make something for you. just please DON'T COPY!, thanks.

You guys are really AMAZING, big thanks for;
I WAS COVERGIRL - July 16th 2010
1st place in BEST SCENERY -  March 28th 2010
1st place in BEST ALBUM - June 29th 2010
1st place on TOP DESIGNER LIST - April 27th  2010
NATIONAL COVERGIRL - March 12th 2011
NATIONAL COVERGIRL - April 14th 2011
+ a lots of places on covergirl, scenery, album,
top designer list&designs in hot! ♥

  (c)All rights reserved by BloOondinaaa
  be orginal - don't copy. copy=reported

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