May 8, 2011

Jobs? On Stardoll?

                          STARDOLL JOBS 
          COMING  UP?      

From what i know, stardoll is planing on jobs for members, through the "help" center i sent stardoll the ofer.
The reply was stardoll saying every ofer is welcomed & that they will chek the site's possibility. To make it easier for you readers, i copied the message so you can see it yourself...  Maybe we can all work as what we want, maybe there will be models, actres, doctors, singers and more. But this is just a maybe!
Stardoll wrote... 

Hi Laura_James,
Thank you for your suggestion. We really appreciate it!

We love getting recommendations from our members. It’s the main way that we develop new stuff for the site; figure out what’s not working -- or what’s just no fun.

Please keep your suggestions and ideas coming. We forward them to our designers and technicians to check the options on our site.

Kind regards,
The Stardoll Staff


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