March 23, 2011

Chloes Curtain.

Hello Everyone and welcome to Chloe's curtain ;D

First of all can I say COME ON WRITERS!? This blog is amazing and It is only me , KKRRBB78 & misslindsayrae Doing the work! I hope I am aloud to say this as it is true. Any way this post isn't about moaning.


Here is a medoll that I created about 1 month ago.
I like this because of the coloring , black and white. I have to admit that the earing don't match but other than that it is a nice look.

Here is my example of an outfit that makes me chuckle. I found it the other day and I have created it on my medoll , sorry i don't have the same hair , i don't have enough starpoints.

I had to pay 20 stardollars for this hat , so you better like this post! It is just , I am speechless! It is terrible! The coloring doesn't go AT ALL and what is with the crown to big for her head ? I mean I know it is stardolls fault for making it that big so why would you wear it? If you would like to know about fashion to help you then ask ME or KKRRBB78 for help , we know about fashion!

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