November 6, 2010

New Look

Hot or Not?
New Look-Outfit Update

Hey everyone! Welcome to stardoll what's hot and what's not! These two outfits i've gotta say are in stardoll's.....WHAT'S NOT! I mean, they're okay, but these outfits make stardoll girls look fat! Especially that bow tie jacket...yuck! That ruined the whole outfit, but the only hot part about it was the blue Gathered Curtain Dress. Anyways on to the other outfit. That outfit is a total don't! Look at that skirt, pink and ruffly and--ew it looks like something an 8 year old would wear! And that coat...oh my god that coat..don't get me started on that. The only cute part of that outfit is that ruffled blouse..its okay..and those nerd glasses..are in! So many stardoll girls love them, including me! Now get a pair of brown nerd glasses for only 2 stardollars! Talk about a total winner!
Gathered Curtain Dress-13 stardollars
Ruffled Blouse-10 stardollars
Brown Nerd Glasses-2 stardollars
you can find these cheap items in the starplaza windows or
in pretty and pink. Enjoy!

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