August 25, 2012

Fish Eye Makeup Tutorial

 Hello girls! Okay, I decided to do something crazy with makeup on my post today, and when I think of "crazy" I think of color! This look is inspired by socalhco888. Enjoy & let me know what you think!

Under The Sea

Makeup! (fish eyes)
Model: Ivana94TH

Starting Look

1. First start out by putting on Mascara. Use both black short & lengthening mascara.

2. Add some "Azure" eyeliner

3. After that, roughly add some "Azure" Eye Shadow:

4.) Then put some "Teal Me" eye shadow from the crease to middle of the under eye:

5.) From there Apply Marigold eyeliner on the outer eye:

6.) Then Apply Luxe Shiny Gloss over the lips

You now may add optional items and accessories to finish the look.
                          Thanks for viewing! and i hope you have enjoyed learning FISH EYES:)

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