February 19, 2012

Something I Realized Today [Important]

Hey guys its Trixie, (TrixieGurlXxX)
Earlier on today I realised that a girl called TrixieGirlXxX commented in my guestbook. Her name was very similar to mine
She commented in my guestbook saying this "that is not nice you have copied my account and look at your hair you look like u have time traveled from 1970'
since this girl has only joined today...i was very annoyed. Ive been on stardoll since 2010 and she accused me of copying her name and her account?
There is another account called charleyrocks_
these accounts are spreading BEWARE!


Anonymous said...

wow! that's really rude!

Anonymous said...

yeah i agree!^
-Mary xo

& you spelt realized wrong..

charleyrox said...

yeah the charleyrocks_ is someone faking being me (charleyrox) so look out !!

Kayci♥ said...

wow that's weird! Stardoll is just getting out of hand :/

TrixieGurlXxX said...

Sorry i was typing quickly xxx

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