May 25, 2011


Hey all writers! I am looking for a co-owner to help me run this blog. I'm very busy lately, and I have gotten 2 offers to write for more blogs. Now, I write for 5 blogs. So, anyways, If you are interested I will be choosing writers who..

  • Write Everyday/As much as they can- If you don't write a lot FORGET IT. I need people who can write A LOT, basically as much as you can.
  • Get the word out- If you invite all of you're friends to follow you're guaranteed to be co-owner! We NEED followers! Start inviting
  • Have Style- You have to have a unique style of you're own, not average!
  • Be a good writer- Some of you use good, and bad-easy vocabulary words, try using other words like ecstatic, elated, etc.
  • Be Trustworthy- I know some people on here for a long time, and I trust them..some of you are very new to the blog, so get to know me!
I will decide based on that criteria! ^

Good luck!

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